Doodlehound Reviews!

Doodlehound reviews! Two local and two non-local. It’s been a slow winter & even bit of a social hiatus in some ways but there will be more for the future, but for now…

- A review of the Al Cisneros (Sleep/OM) “Toward Nazareth” 12”

- A review of one of the strangest yet funniest albums the Doodlehound has found recently… STARBOMB.

- A live review of Andy Matter along with Blind Tigers at the Magnolia Bar

- A live review of some metal bands at The Green Lantern in Lexington… Like Dirtbag.

Expect more to come soon…



October 29, 1996 - Kurt Angle makes his first Pro Wrestling appearance at ECW’s “High Incident” just before a match between Taz and Little Guido, then commentated during the match.
January 23, 2000 - Kurt Angle’s open challenge was accepted by the debuting Tazz at WWF’s Royal Rumble 2000. Tazz defeated Kurt, ending his winning streak.

Easily one of the coolest moments in wrestling and the sheer coincidence of all this makes it that much better.