Story Day!

Todays is a serious one, and kinda scary:(

One year the boys were playing on stage has normal and some drunken twat threw a razor blade on stage, it hit Lemmys hand and he didnt notice until after the show, it was seriously injured up to the point where his doctors said it may need to…

Lemmy talks about this story in his book and the dude yells out “IT WAS ME” when they asked who did it… To which half the crowd start beating the shit out of this guy. The cops finally pull everyone off this battered schmuck… And start beating the shit out of him with nightsticks. 


A special on indie/unknown webcomics, past and present! 

Webcomics talked about / recommended:

Pixel Pals, The Guy Who Can’t Draw Comics, Canny Valley, Manascrewed, Sexy Losers, Jazz and Jess, A Fair Trade, MonkeyDogSnakeHuman, Boozer & Stoner, The Comic Panel, Garage Raja, Stale Bacon, The Thin H Line, Depression Comix and Shitfest!

Progress on Planet Barfly and other things…

Currently at work putting together the next series of strips to be shown on planetbarfly.net this week. The first thing I noticed is the challenge as to where to put speech bubbles on most of these strips without covering up too much or looking far out of place. “Glows In The Dark” was more dialogue heavy than expected thus making this far more challenging than expected. Hell, that series was planned for 2010 and drastically different than what I originally had in store.

More to come in the next few days, such as release dates and more reviews of things…